A Quick Review: Christ Church Spire House Cafe

Great For: Coffee and cake with young children. Quieter than Costa and plenty of room for prams and strollers.

The Good: Great coffee, cake and biscuits. Really friendly, helpful staff.

The Bad: Changing facilities were a bit haphazard. A couple of steps at the entrance, but not too difficult and staff will help if you ask.

Food and Drink: The coffee at Spire Cafe is good quality and strong. You can order the usual americanos, lattes and cappuccinos and they cost about £2.40 a cup. There is an array of frut teas available as well as your standard English breakfast. I had a great piece of lemon cake when I visited and the ginger biscuits were yummy.

It’s a small cafe so there will be different treats on offer whenever you visit. Dont expect lots of choice. The cafe has a small counter so there are normally only a few options available. They are due to increase their opening hours from 1pm to 4:30pm so this may see an increase in the selection available.

Facilities and Ambiance: The cafe is set to the side in one of the most beautiful churches in Bristol. What’s not to like? The views are stunning and there is calming music playing over the PA system fitting with the surroundings. There is a good selection of toys and books available to keep babies and toddlers amused. Ivor, Evelyn, Daisy and Bohdi pretty much left us Mummy’s alone the entire time we were there! There is plenty of seating available with space for prams and strollers. The cafe has two IKEA high chairs available for customers to use as well as splash mats to help keep everything clean and tidy.

A great selection of books

Bohdi, Evelyn, Ivor and Daisy approve of the toy collection

The baby change is located in the toilets. There was a basket of supplies available which was a nice touch and the set up was basic, but clean. It’s a shame that when I visited there were a few tables and chairs stacked up against it, and a pile of bin bags on the window sill…which didn’t prevent it being used, but it was just a bit untidy and the chairs could have easily become a trip hazard. Hopefully it was a short term issue and won’t be like it next time.

Hopefully the tables and chairs in front of the baby change was a one-off…
The supplies basket was a nice touch

Staff and Service: The cafe is normally staffed by one or two people. They are extremely friendly a helpful and will carry your order to the table so you can concentrate on your children. They engaged with our babies andade everyone feel really welcome and proactively told us about the extended opening hours that were due to start the following week. They also held open doors and helped with steps as we were leaving.

Dani and Lucy chat to the lovely, friendly staff at Spire Cafe

Christ Church cafe is a hidden gem just outside of Clifton village. If a chilled out, affordable coffee is what you’re after, you’re definitely in the right place.

Contact Information

Address: Christ Church, Clifton Down Road, Bristol Bs83BN

Telephone: 0117 973 6524

Email: office@ccweb.org.uk

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