Cosy Club: A Quick Review

Good For: Groups and parties. Simple pub-style food in a grand setting. A special occasion with baby in tow.

The Good: A large menu that pleases everyone. Great “busy” atmosphere that drowns out baby cries and children’s chatter. Good changing facilities.

The Bad: A couple of steps to contend with. Food was a bit too salty/oily for some.

Food and Drink: I think the menu is best described as “good pub grub” with a tapas menu tagged on the side. There is also a dedicated vegan menu, but you may have to ask for it. I heard a waiter offer it to a party whilst we were waiting to be seated, but our waiter never did…It’s not gastro pub quality, but it’s well presented and portion sizes are good. Everyone made “mmmmm” noises as there food was put in front of them. We all ate from the regular menu rather than tapas on this occasion. The fish and chips was huge, and the fish was well cooked and the batter was crispy, not slimy. The mushy peas however were too salty, to the point where I could barely taste the peas which was a shame. Alex’s burger disappeared quickly and he was extremely happy with it. Large slices of tomato and avocado and well seasoned bacon. My Dad’s chicken and bacon salad was also very tasty, but he did say that it was quite oily so might not be to everyone’s taste. The fish pie, accompanied with a poached egg was again, described as tasty and filling, but Mum said the sauce was a little on the runny side. Overall, we all enjoyed our meals and felt they were worth the money, but there were little things that could’ve been improved.

Most meals came in between £10-16, with a few of the steak and fish dishes being slightly more. All children’s main meals are £5.95. You can view the whole menu, including children’s options here.

Gertie Goose quite fancies a chip
Filling, but the sauce was a bit runny
Large chunks of chicken and bacon in the salad

Facilities and Ambiance: Cosy Club, in my opinion has a great, lovely atmosphere, but it might not be to everyone’s taste. There is music playing, at a slightly higher than normal for a restaurant volume for a start. For kids, this is great, along with the general racket created by diners, babies crying and louder children are drowned out, meaning no embarrassment for Mums and Dads and you don’t feel like you’re disturbing others. The restaurant has a sort of posh shabby chic vibe with assorted distressed tables and chairs on one hand and grand chandeliers and high vaulted glass domed ceilings on the other.

The glass domed ceiling doesn’t fail to impress

There is just enough room between the tables to navigate a travel system to the back of the restaurant. You’ll have no problems with a lighter stroller. There are a couple of steps to contend with but they’re quite easy to navigate with help from a second person. We didn’t need to, but the staff would’ve been more than obliging I’d you had asked for help.

The highchairs are the standard wooden variety, which Ivor hates, so we used our Phil and Ted’s Lobster. If you do plan to use a lobster or similar device, be aware it won’t work on all tables, so make sure you ask for a table with a large lip at the end. You could easily use most booster seats or cloth toddler seats at Cosy Club. They had quite a few highchairs, but it is a big restaurant so it’s worth calling in advance to make sure you get one.

Tip: A large proportion of the restaurant is up a flight of stairs. Call and request a table on the ground floor if you’re taking a stroller.

Changing facilities were clean, spacious and well equipped. There was both a pad and a strap for the changing station. It’s located in the disabled toilet at the front of the restaurant.

Staff and Service: Service was great. Staff were polite and friendly without being overbearing and asked regularly if we required more drinks and checked up that we were enjoying our meals. We weren’t rushed for the bill and we’re allowed to take our time to leave. Rather than having a dedicated waiter, staff shared the duties, so it feels a little impersonal…but on the whole it’s hard to complain when everything was so friendly and punctual.

Ivor’s first french fry!

A little expensive for a quick lunch out, but great for a more special occasion with kids in tow and perfect for a larger group who have different tastes in food. Almost everyone is going to find something they enjoy. We already have another table booked for a family party in a couple of weeks.

Address: 31 Corn Street, Bristol, BS71HHT

Telephone: 0117 253 0997


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