A Quick Review: We Are The Curious Cafe

Great For: Meet ups with friends, a decent cup of coffee or a quick baby friendly lunch spot around Bristol harbourside.

The Good: Baby facilities, coffee and lots of space.

The Bad: Mediocre food reviews from our group.

Food and Drink: The cafe has both a breakfast and lunch menu. Breakfast is continental in style, so no full english on offer. A range of porridge, waffles and muffins ranging from a few quid to around £8. The lunch menu consists of wraps, salads and sandwiches, all of which are served quite quickly. The soup of the day is a bargain at £3.95 and was extremely tasty. The salads received mediocre reviews from my NCT group, with the overall opinion that they looked better than they tasted. Don’t be fooled by the £8 “pizza flats”. From this description I was expecting a smallish flatbread and what I got was a twelve inch pizza! If I’d known I probably would’ve asked a friend if they wanted to share. It was a perfectly pleasant pizza, and I had no complaints, but it was nothing out of this world.

The coffee is good, not to strong or too weak. A large is a regular mug size so unless you’re feeling particularly parisian or you’re already rattling from your morning cuppa I wouldn’t bother with the small ones. Prices are typical coffee and tea prices that you pay everywhere. There are a range of cold drinks available as well.

Ambiance and Facilities: The cafe is huge, so unless you’re polling up at lunch time on a Saturday you’re likely to get a spot. The cafe was very clean and there wasn’t an issue with rubbish left on empty tables from previous diners. It’s modern and colourful and an enjoyable place to sit and chat for a few hours.

Baby changing is located within the toilets at the far end of the cafe, which are unisex, so men can also change the baby, Hurrah! The toilets were clean and stocked with toilet paper and paper towels. Beware the school groups though…if a class of 25 line up to use the loos you’re in for long wait to get that nappy changed as there are only two toilets. They’re quite small cubicles so you can’t wheel in the stroller with you either…leave it at the table and carry them.

The cafe has a microwave and bottle warming station available for customers to use which were both clean when I used them. The cafe have a good supply of IKEA highchairs.

A microwave and bottle warmer are provided for customers to use

Staff and Service: You order at the counter and are given a number to take to your table so the waiting staff can find you. Coffee is left on the side of the bar for you to collect yourself when it is ready.

The staff are friendly and welcoming and were happy to substitute pizza options to accommodate my pescatarian diet. Service was quick and efficient, although I haven’t been at a weekend when you may experience a longer wait.

Ivor takes a nap while the Mummies chat over coffee

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