Aren’t Reusable Wipes Just A Faff?: Dumping The Baby Wipes, Even When You’re Out

I know plenty of Mums in real life and online that have discovered reusable baby wipes. You can make your own out of Terry towelling and some tupperware, or like me, you can buy a “ready to go” kit, probably the best well known being Cheeky Wipes. Theyre environmentally friendly. If saving the whales isn’t enough of a reason on its own, we’ve found that they really reduced Ivor’s nappy rash as it’s just water and the smallest amount of essential oils to wipe your babies bottom.

The concept is simple. Clean wipes go in the blue “Fresh” box with a little water and essential oils. Used wipes go in the green “Mucky” box in cold water with some tea tree oil. The mesh bag can then be used to transport the dirty wipes into the washing machine without ever having to touch the poop again. (Although to be honest I don’t think this is a concern for most parents six months in. You’re always touching poop and a mesh bag isn’t going to change that šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚) The wipes can be popped into your normal washing load, so unlike reusable nappies, don’t have a washing/drying carbon footprint. They’re also not adversely effecting your electricity bill.

Tip: I pop a small amount of my usual washing powder in the Mucky box. It helps lift out the poop before it stains meaning you can wash the wipes on a more economical washing cycle

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But what about when you’re out? A lot of people I’ve spoken to that use reusables at home switch to disposable baby wipes whenever they go out, the most common reason being “It seems like a faff”. I’ve been using my Cheeky Wipes on-the-go kit ever since I’ve had it and it’s really not that faffy. The Fresh and Mucky bags take up the same amount of room, if not less in your bag as a pack of baby wipes.

Once you’re done with a wipe, you just pop it in the Mucky bag instead of the bin! And yeah, I said “wipe” singular. We have only ever had to use more than one Cheeky Wipe a handful of times. Only the deadliest of poonamis require a second baby wipe. Rather than being a faff, they actually make clean up jobs when you’re out easier.

They also make it easier to go to places that are less baby friendly. We’ve changed Ivors bum on a park bench with minimal fuss as we didn’t have to worry about where the hell we were going to deposit the seven shit stained baby wipes we’d just used. No one’s saying you can’t take a mini pack of baby wipes as a backup. We often do, especially if we’re going out all day, or when Ivor hasn’t shat for a day and a half and we’re expecting the worst, but we rarely have to use them.

When you get home, any unused wipes can go back in the Fresh box, and your mucky wipes can either be tipped into your Mucky box, or…you guessed it…the Mucky bag comes with its own detachable mesh bag for those parents that are somehow still not so used to being in close contact with faeces.

Once you start using them you’ll soon get to know how many wipes you need to take out for each outing. My rule of thumb is ask yourself how many you’ll need and then double it. You’ll never be without that way.

But what about once Ivor started weaning. Wouldn’t I need to carry baby wipes then anyway? Nope! Cheeky wipes also offer a range of different wipes, one being thier super soft bamboo and minky wipes. They’re perfect for cleaning fingers and faces. We just dampen one before we leave and pop it into a bag with his Doddlebag, bib and spoon. One wipe is usually enough to clean his hands and face, even when he gets gets creative with his food. Once home, they go in a cheeky wipes box (we bought a spare from thier website, but you could use any old Tupperware container) with a little bit of washing powder, and get popped into the next load of washing.

So there you have it. My guide to using reusable wetwipes on the go. It’s like everything else with a baby. The first time you do it you’ll panic, worry you’re not ready and put it off until tomorrow. But once you do it a couple of times you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about and never look back.

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2 thoughts on “Aren’t Reusable Wipes Just A Faff?: Dumping The Baby Wipes, Even When You’re Out

  1. OMG! I’m really out of touch with these new products! I’ve never heard of reusable wipes, with me it was just wipe & throw.
    I can’t wait to read what your gong to shock me with in your next blog… X


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