Weaning On The Go: It’s a Doddle with Doddlebags

I really didn’t think I was going to make my own baby food. I went through a phase where I thought I was going to give birth naturally in a pool whilst my husband gave me a massage after my earth-mother led NCT course šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚, but making my own baby food seemed like way too much effort. In fact, in my nesting phase I threw out at least fifteen percent of our kitchen in order to make room for bulk bought Ella’s kitchen multi-packs. We do have a pack of Cow & Gate tropical fruits and baby rice pots on Ivor’s shelf, but so far I’ve only used them a handful of times. With the right equipment, making baby food is pretty easy, and you know exactly what they are eating. Personally, I don’t recommend buying one of those baby steamer/ blenders. They’re quite expensive and you can buy a Sistema microwave steamer and a blender (we already had a Nutribullet), which will last you way beyond the weaning phase for the same cost or less.

Even once I started making my own baby food, I still thought I’d used store- bought food when we were out. Packing pots of food and bowls and dealing with the mess Ivor can make when we were out terrified me. Was it possible to feed Ivor on the go with the food I’d made at home? I was going to at least give it a go…

After looking at what felt like a hundred different options, I settled on Doddlebags reusable pouches. I liked the fact that they were clear (most are coloured and covered in animal characters) so would be easier to see when they were properly clean, and Doddlebags also do a range of craft brushes you can use with the bags once Ivor is old enough. They’re also the perfect size for toiletries when you’re travelling so I could use a couple of the bags in my ten pack for storing shampoo and conditioner on holiday. Because we intend to use Doddlebags for different purposes, I use the brightly coloured labels supplied to indicate what has been kept in the bags, so we don’t accidentally use one that’s held conditioner to store rasberry yogurt. They can be wiped clean and rewritten on though if you use a non permanent pen.

I freeze my Doddlebags and take them out frozen most of the time. Whenever I make a batch of food, I pop one portion into aa Doddleba and this tends to keep our on-the-go supply nice and healthy. If I ever need a quick meal, I pop half a banana and some avocado into a bag and mash it with my hands! Doddlebags can be defrosted in a microwave, but I prefer to ask a cafe for some hot water and then I submerge the Doddlebag in it for a few minutes (prevents hotspots you can get with microwaves if you need to feed your baby straight away). If all else fails, holding the Doddlebags between your palms for five minutes or so defrosts the bag as long as it isn’t frozen completely solid.

The first couple of tries with the pouches were a bit haphazard. They are much easier for Ivor to grab and the bag ended up being thrown across the room a couple of times. Luckily due to the design of the bags, hardly any food was wasted. I did find that Ivor wasn’t keen on putting the nozzle in his mouth though. He was used to being fed with a spoon and had gotten into good habit of taking he spoon into his mouth voluntarily. He was all sorts of grouchy about food being unceremoniously squeezed into his mouth without warning. This meant I was now taking out a Doddlebag and then having to squeeze the food into a spoon to feed him. Not the end of the world, but was causing more mess as he smashed his arms down as I was administering the food to the spoon, sending it flying all across my tshirt in Boston Tea Party. Luckily, Doddlebags have now brought out a great spoon attachment and this is making things easier. Ivor will now take food directly off the Doddlebag spoon. Hurrah! He doesn’t like the spoons as much as the Munchkin spoons we use as home, but I’m sure with time he will get more and more used to them.

So far we love Doddlebags and we’ve had a few comments about what a good idea they are. Whenever I show people the paint brush attachments they can’t believe how simple an idea it is, and I can’t wait to try it when Ivor is older. Eventually I am going to leave the spoon container in a restaurant though…it would be great if Doddlebag made a little on-the-go pouch to keep everything in!

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